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The Football Utility Belt.
This is a utility belt for Equipment Managers and other sideline personnel to make emergency
repairs quicker and more efficent. It has been used in college and pro football since 1982.
Did you ever run to take care of an equipment issue during a game or practice and find
yourself running back for your tool box? Do you wish you had your most likely tools and parts
 handy right then and there? Well, we thought a lot about it and came up with a better answer 
than carrying everything in your pockets!
Here are pictures of the Football Utility Belt in action.
The belt consists of 4 pouches, 1ea. 7.5 x 4 x 2in. deep and 3ea. 3.5 x 4 x 2in. deep.
The pouches are made of high quality nylon material and can be slid along the 
nylon belt to be balanced while you run and can be slid into place to access contents.
Pouch flaps are secured with velcro so your items are quickly accessable.
The belt, Proudly Made in the USA, comes in "Stealth Black" and will fit up to size 42,
 although special sizes are available.
The diagram below is a sample inventory of what can be carried in the pouches.
Of course, you can load each pouch with whatever you need for your team.
Football is not the only sport where the belt can be used. La Crosse, baseball, track
 and field can all use the Sports Utility Belt. Any sport that needs
 the person in charge of equipment to be "super efficent" can use a Sports Utility Belt.
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