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 The Florida Motorsports Calendar is a place on our website where racetracks, sanctioning bodies, car clubs, and auto related sponsors can post their Florida events. Special races, Car Shows, Rod Runs, and Swap Meets will be Included.
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 In our Model Car Gallery we feature model cars built by award winning artist Frank Pupello Jr. Frank specializes in race cars but every once in a while he "veers off" into custom cars, rat rods, and even Monster trucks. A very versitile builder, Frank builds both "out-of-the-box" along with some wild one off creations. An avid modeler for over 50 years, Frank has won awards at The Good Guys Car Shows, the ISCA Car Shows and numerous model contests including the prestigious Jax-con contest in Jacksonville, Florida and the Billetproof contest at the Don Garlits Museum in Ocala,Florida.
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